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In the name of
God the Merciful

For Victims of War
and Poverty

Miracle of Healing

NOOIC Respectfully
Plead & Request for
Everyone to Petition
Secretary Clinton to
Protect Iraqi Christians:

Force an End of ALL
Targeting and Killing
of Iraqi Christians inside
War Zone Iraq

Tahrir Kalasho Contact
and Complaints to U.S.
Senator Carl Levin,&
U.S. Senator
Debbie Stabenow
see Response

Arab Christians call for canonization of
Christians slain in Iraq, November 22, 2010.   

NOOIC Agrees,
Endorses & Stands
with the Protect the
Iraqi Christian People
Petition to United

Rep. Candice S. Miller Responding to Mr Tahrir Kalasho's message

"European Parliament
joins the condemnation
of the massacre of
Christian Catholic
Church, Baghdad Iraq"

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In the name of God the Merciful

Dear ALL (Re: Tony Keith Via. NOOIC etc.),

Attached is what I Received today from My Iraqi Christian inside Iraq, the names are edited to protect their identity for their safety, this will be posted on and provided to the World as sign of how USA & Christian Countries are neglecting the Christians of Iraq, most importantly the Iraqi Terrorist Government that has been taken part behind the Scene in an Act of Terrorism Toward the Christians of Iraq see Proof of Eye witness Prevent New "Genocide"

P.S. Its a Shame we USA have Put Muqtada Al Sader & his Mehdi Army to Rule Iraq Knowingly he has Ordered of Killing many Americans etc. see,8599,2037986,00.html

Translation via. Google|en|


                                                               December 22, 2010

In the name of God the Merciful

Private message
From the Ministry of Islamic State of Iraq war
To the heads of communities, organizations and Christian churches in Iraq

It has been an incident the church in the Karrada district of Baghdad more than a month, and show us unequivocally that you read the message is wrong, and behaved for miscalculation is severe, you ignore dealing with the real party on the matter, and Astameetm the demands of the Mujahideen - the demands of the real and fair - and Ameetmoha on your followers, and this is what will cost you dearly too, and let not the statements of visits and promises made generously to you, what is most urgent to worry about these their internal problems, and you do not most cherished the rich who can those millions of unemployed who dumped the financial crisis on the streets of their countries, and then you will not find yourselves but dispersed Tstjdon east and west, or crammed into prisons large Thitkm concrete walls do not sing in to protect you something, had Amadeetm in antagonizing Muslims and choose premeditated challenge of the Mujahideen, and Walve sent Muhammad to the right if not left us that day only two to be offloaded, one for your fight.

The easier you need to work your mind and Tnstwa to the voice of wisdom and Talpua our demands, which is easy for those who seeks security in this country, and sought to inject the blood and save his justice, and we celebrate them and you woul Hear:
First: Taatbraua openly than did employers in the war, the Egyptian church sisters and brothers who have entered Islam and abuse them.
Second: must show serious quest to pressure the church to show case our sisters and release them as you did strive to save Tariq Aziz, from the gallows.
Third: change it Soamekm and Odertkm Tbta and your business and your followers to indulge in the draft for the occupation and the pact with the devil between the Crusaders and Shiites in Baghdad.
Fourth: to avoid flying any missionary activity in the region directly or indirectly.

We were keen to convey our demands immediately after the control of the church district of Karrada, and guidance was clear to executives not being held, starting, and to facilitate communication between them and their families and officials in the church and the puppet government in Baghdad, and in the forefront of these Cardinal Church Daly, MP Kanna to avoid bloodshed, This is what happened logged documented our voice, but these hit the appeals of detainees flouted and ignored the main issue deliberately, but they also helped to incite the security officials to the Maliki government to make the church a battleground and a clash directly, took place on the detainees and their families calamities, these are responsible de facto for shedding the blood of detainees, and that your policy continues on this vein and in Tmadeetm Gyekm Astrseltm and in dealing with the enemies of Islam, ignoring our demands, Take notice of war is not very long before your own, to see where you are moving and Botbaekm Atazawa what had happened to others.
Remember that your ancestors lived for centuries among the Muslims are safe for themselves and their money and saw the mercy of Islam to them and amended them what they did not see him from Beni skin in other sects, then try to be Tnalkm mercy of Islam and complied with commitments made by your predecessors, and if any of you care to his community and his followers should read about history good, Ini himself than planned stakeholders and traders positions, and declaring his innocence of that and give him a ride to the Mujahideen by any means secret or undeclared, we are not the people of the injustice and aggression, but the owners of a great religion Aziz enjoins justice and charity in everything, Nabi humiliation do not accept injustice and make our blood is cheap in order to God and the support of our Muslim brothers, and let not the promises of protection who do not have to protect himself, because someone can not give it, and beware that the return provisions of Islam to override this earth and you are at war with Muslims, and prepared for this day, the Earth God, a heritage to whom He will of His slaves, and the consequence of the righteous.

Peace be upon those who follow true guidance




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Tel. (586) 939-2554

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Amount of States Viewed are as of January 12, 2011 up to date

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