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Force an End of ALL
Targeting and Killing
of Iraqi Christians inside
War Zone Iraq

Tahrir Kalasho Contact
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Senator Carl Levin,&
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Arab Christians call for canonization of
Christians slain in Iraq, November 22, 2010.   

NOOIC Agrees,
Endorses & Stands
with the Protect the
Iraqi Christian People
Petition to United

Rep. Candice S. Miller Responding to Mr Tahrir Kalasho's message

"European Parliament
joins the condemnation
of the massacre of
Christian Catholic
Church, Baghdad Iraq"

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After countless church bombings, kidnappings, and executions of Christians in Iraq; The assassination of Father Ragheed Ganni and three deacons has struck a nerve in the Christian community worldwide. (less)
Between 10,000 and 30,000 of Iraq's 800,000 Christians have fled the country since the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime, according to Christian groups in Baghdad. Although Christians make up only about 3% of Iraq's 25 million people, the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees has said they account for about 20% of the refugees fleeing Iraq for Syria. They are escaping a climate of violence and a surging Islamic radicalism that have made the practice of their faith a deadly enterprise. The violence in Iraq threatens one of the world's oldest Christian communities, dating back 2,000 years. The population includes Chaldean Assyrians (Eastern-rite Catholics who recognize the Pope's authority); Assyrians, who form an independent church; Syrian Catholics; and Armenian Catholics. Under Saddam, Christians coexisted more or less amicably with the Muslim majority. Easter services were broadcast on state television. Christians today keep a low profile. While most of the anti-Christian violence has been committed by a small group of Islamic extremists, Christians say they are encountering rising anger among their Muslim neighbors. Layla Isitfan says taxi drivers have insulted her when they realized she was Christian, in some cases saying all Christians should be shot and killed. At work, she wears a Muslim head scarf and tells colleagues that she is Muslim. Raja Elias, a Syrian Catholic in Baghdad, says that recently a neighbor began to dump garbage on her front porch. When Elias complained, the neighbor said, "You are a Christian, and I can put it inside your house if I want to." For Iraqis like Elias, the best option is to leave. Many Iraqi Christians say their reversal of fortune has been especially disappointing given the backing the Bush Administration receives from evangelical Christians. "Why did the U.S. come here?" asks Mardirosian, the Armenian-Catholic leader. "To protect the Christians or allow others to kill them?" (less)
The Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian Christians of Iraq, yesterday on 19th April 2008, marched in Brussels in order to make the voice of their persecuted brothers and sisters in Mesopotamia (Iraq) heard by the West.

Organizers said Saturday's peaceful demonstration has drawn about 6 thousand people from across Europe.

The Demonstration was organized jointly by the European Syriac Union (ESU) and the Syriac Orthodox Archdiocese of Germany with the participation of several other organization of the Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian. The participating organizations are as follows:

The European Syriac Union (ESU)
The Syriac Orthodox Archdiocese of Germany
The Syriac Federation of Germany
The Assyrian Democratic Organization (ADO)
Platform Aram (The Netherlands)
Assyrian-Chaldean-Syriac Institute (France)
The Chaldean Association (Belgium)
The Syriac Council of Switzerland

The marching crowd with their Christian religious leaders at the front begun to gather at about 1:30 pm in the square in front of the European Council building and the other European Institution Buildings.

The demonstrators were carrying banners and shouting slogans demanding protection for the Christians of Iraq. "Stop the Genocide against the Christians of Iraq", "Stop Killing Bishops and Priests", "We demand an Autonomous Safe Zone for our Protection in Iraq" could be read on some of the banners.

The news on the demonstration was covered by the most influential news agencies from around the world and by many local European TV channels and newspapers. Some of the news agencies TV channels that broadcasted the news regarding this demonstration are: Reuters, the Associated Press (AP), Deutsche Welle (DW), Al Jazeera, Al Sharqia, Fox and many other television stations as well as many European and international newspapers from around the world.

Also, the Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian TV channel Suroyo-TV covered the whole event with a life program which has been broadcasted via the satellites around the world.

The leaders and representatives of the Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian Christians held peaceful speeches and urged the UN, the USA, the Coalition Forces in Iraq and the International community to act and stop the ongoing persecution against the Christians of Iraq.

As a result of the ethnic cleansing campaign that the fundamentalist terrorist have begun since the fall of Saddam's regime, so far, more than 40 churches have been attacked with explosive charges and many church leaders have been kidnapped and killed. Some of the murdered church leaders are: The Chaldean Archbishop of Mosul Msgr. Boulus Faraj Rahho, Priest Rev. Father Paulus Skander and Rev. Father Ragheed Ganni who was murdered with three deacons in Mosul and Rev. Father Youssef Adel Aboudi murdered recently in Baghdad.

Moreover, hundreds of other Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian civilians have been murdered and one half of the Christian population of Iraq has been forced to flee abroad.
A Short film shows how terrorist is harming iraqi christians starting from bombing the churches, abducting and killing ... (more)
video lang: ar
Sura 9 verse 29 ...
Islam is full of hate to the jews and Christians. and then they say Islam is peaceful religion. ...
video lang: en
(Translation disabled)
September 11 7th anniversary I'm reopening comments because my inbox is jammed w/people wanting to comment

More WTC evidence
Shows the molten mixture (after effect of thermite) dripping down the side of one tower 3A// hannel%3Ds%26rls%3Dorg.mozilla%253Aen-US%253Aofficial%26hs%3 DrF&iurl=http%HA// sToPDskLgF3_eGj4YiWgwzFD9ZwJV

Notice how the dripping substance is identical to that seen in the south tower video.

Shows the picture/s of supporting beams, cut clean through at angles with thermite

and a bit more.

SONG- "You Lied" by Away With The Fairys

Bush lies, people die. Nothing new. At the beginning of the video at a press conference Bush says it all...
President Bush: "What did Iraq have to do with what?"
Reporter: "The attack on the World Trade Center"
Bush: "Nothing"
A war he started for more oil/power/payback to his big campaign supporters, by lying. Plain as day Iraq had nothing to do with it. Osama's been dead since Dec 2001 (kept alive only "new audio/videotapes" by Bush's henchmen for their agenda) same for Saddam- they have a poor, brainwashed Mr. Potato head double. Bush, good Christian he is, keeps breaking the "Thou shalt not kill" commandment hundreds of times a day- he has sent people to kill for him, still makes him guilty. And all the Christian soldiers killing folks in Bush's/freedoms name,
guilty of the same. May your God have mercy on your souls.
This is dedicated to all Christians who support the us troops.
How can you say Bless Our Troops?

Voice: Jesus

Matthew 5:44
But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; rse=44&version=9&context=verse

Luke 6:27
But I say unto you which hear, Love your enemies, do good to them which hate you rse=27&version=9&context=verse

Deuteronomy 5:17
Thou shalt not kill 17%20;&version=8;

Matthew 5:39
But I tell you, Do not resist an evil person. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also. rse=39&version=31&context=verse

Luke 6:29
If someone strikes you on one cheek, turn to him the other also. If someone takes your cloak, do not stop him from taking your tunic. rse=29&version=31&context=verse

etc etc and also commen sense

Some will say but that is because we want to save iraqi people, or save the world. Sure you do, you are going to bomb democracy then why Iraq/Afghanistan?? why not China? why even with BOMBS??? did you all got ur democracy with bombs???

Muslim propaganda??? NOPE

just showing how hypocrites most Christians are---if they are unbelievers but do support the wars is because they have been brainwashed too hate and too kill by the zionist mass media in USA and for those I just feel sorry for.. nothing more

BTW, I don't care if the soldiers in that video are Christians, its the support I am amazed about!

Thanks for the time, comment, rate, bad or good the truth is always unpleasant!
Islam Persecution and Killing(s) to Christians. Sect Pagan Persecuted Christians in Indonesia. Descabezamientos ... (more)
video lang: es en
O People, those who love the God of Abraham are allies of one they Jew, Christian, Muslim or Believer...or any others who love (more)
video lang: en
(Translation disabled)
STOP killing christians in IRAQ ...
video lang: en
(Translation disabled)


Do you buy your food from pet shop? Or do you take shower in dry cleaner? Get your resources from the right places. Learn about Islam from (more)
Following are excerpts from a public address delivered by Iraqi tribal Chief Sheik Th'aban Al-Bazoun, which aired on Al ... (more)
video lang: en
(Translation disabled)


Iraqi Christians in Dora (southern Baghdad neighborhood) being told that they either pay a tax, convert to Islam, leave ... (more)
Muslims, 3-5% of Iraq's population is Christian, and yet 40% of Iraqi refugees are Christian. ... Iraq Persecution Iraqi ...
A Christian pastor in the US forces recalls his experiences with Iraqi Christians living with the war. ... Iraq Iraqi ...


, Iraqi Christians face the constant threat of torture, rape, kidnapping, and murder. This video tells their story ... (more)


more information. This video was produced by the Chaldean Center in Beirut, Lebanon. ... Iraqi Iraq christian persecution ... (more)

Music Video


Open For Business. "Iraq" was directed by Ron Najor at ... TIMZ Iraq Bush Saddam Hussein War Chaldean Iraqi ... (more)


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